Adjust Quality in Real Time
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pensating for extrusion-die wear with rising pressure that increase flow-speed. Such increases can extend the period between die changes, Bedingfield says, before pressure reaches unsafe limits and quality deteriorates.

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If not embedd

ed, how about a hand-held SPC?

If quality control software cannot be embedded into your discrete manufacturing line yet, perhaps you'd like to move statistical process control/statistical quality control onto the plant floor in a hand-held computer.

I&R Partners is among those offering such a tool, the DC-9005, SPC in a Pocket. The firm says, "The days of the dedicated SPC data collector are dead. With the PC getting smaller, faster, more powerful, and less costly, many of the SPC hardware specialists have either been acquired or have gone out of business." Manufacturers need portable SPC, though, and most notebook computers aren't reliable enough for roving audits, machine capability studies, incoming and final inspections, and large-part measurements, I&R says.

DC-9005 has 802.11b Wi-Fi wireless networking, built-in barcode scanner, digital/RS-232 gage interfacing, SPC software factory installed, and a rugged IP54-rated enclosure. Price is $1,995.


I&R Partners is among companies offering hand-held SPC, at 12.7 oz, with a Microsoft Windows CE.Net operation system, and Intel XScale PXA255 400 MHz processor.


Accurate measurements, digitally available in real time, are the first step in closing the loop in discrete applications. Using GE Fanuc software, Hamilton Sundstrand shows key quality measurements on a part machined in aluminum.


Ovation Engineering鈥檚 EZ-Comp System, for new machinery or retrofits, collects electro