Loop Controllers: Lone Logic is More Connected
作者:Mark T. Hoske 发表时间:2005-12-05
control or to warn of unwanted high/low conditions. Optional RS-485 communications allows interface with digital-communicating DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems. Quick and easy setup is achieved using the processor's large, backlit keys and user-friendly menu prompts. Extra-bright front panel display meets NEMA 4X requirements. Patented PowerTune feature delivers pretuning, adaptive tuning, and powerback anti-overshoot. www.miinet.com Moore Industries-International Inc.

Ethernet, card loop


353 Loop Controller is available with an Ethernet communication card. Enhancement enables network connectivity with multiple 353 loop controllers, HMIs, and other devices that communicate Modbus over Ethernet. With the Ethernet communication capability, remote monitoring and control allow the user to view the process from the control room or any workstation on the network. Such design reduces plant costs and learning time, and provides easier access to plant data for timely decision-making. Ethernet communications provide: peer-to-peer communication with other controllers; host device (HMI) communication with multiple controllers; integration with Modbus RTU I/O devices; simple connection to multiple operator workstations; and the option to upgrade panel-board controllers to an integrated network. As part of the Ethernet communications release, the new V2.40 controller firmware has new function blocks to enable controllers to request data from other controllers on a periodic basis; data can be requested from Modbus RTU devices using a Ethernet/Modbus RTU gateway. www.sea.siemens.com/ia Siemens Energy & Automation Process Industries Div.


Stand-alone loop controller features

Ranking of those seen as very important or important

In 2005

1.        PID capability

2.        External communications capability

3.        Peer-to-peer communications

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