Presence Detection Crosses Industry Borders
技术分类:机器与离散传感器 作者:Dick Johnson 发表时间:2005-12-05
med up to 20 volt/m. iProx comes in Standard and Clone versions, with the latter adding built-in output delays and speed detection. Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Meeting diverse needs

Simatic range of proximity sensors meets diverse requirements of the production industry. Devices can detect, measure, monitor, or position solid, liquid, pulverized, or gaseous objects. Family is designed especially for factory automation environments and includes inductive, ultrasonic, and optical d

evices. Line is said to offer exceptional reliability, high precision, high repetition accuracy, and long service life, yet tolerate a wide range of industrial environmental conditions. Siemens Energy & Automation

Self-teach capabilities

XS6 line of auto-adaptable inductive proximity sensors incorporates a self-teach mechanism to simplify set-up. Part of the Osiconcept line of photoelectric and proximity sensors and limit switches, it features fully shielded, metal-bodied cylindrical inductive proximity sensors with an increased sensing range. Products are available in sizes of 8, 12, 18, and 30 mm; all but the 8-mm version have self-teach capabilities. Options include two-wire ac/dc and three-wire dc versions with normally open or normally closed outputs and cable or connector versions, as well as PNP or NPN in dc models. Telemecanique/Schneider Electric

Five-beam wide-angle sensors

5-beam wide-angle sensors are said to be the first to provide area triangulation sensing capability. Part of the manufacturer's expanded line of distance measuring sensors, the devices offer a 25-deg wide measuring angle and come in three detection ranges from 4-300 cm. They have no moving parts, require little energy consumption, provide continuous distance reading, and feature low reflective interference. Applications include robotics and smart vending machines. Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas