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Presence Detection Crosses Industry Borders
技术分类:机器与离散传感器 作者:Dick Johnson 发表时间:2005-12-05
mbedded installations, such as in stamping dies; tight, difficult to install situations; and places where devices need to be as close as 6 mm to one other. www.us.balluff.com Balluff

Distance measurement devices

DT 60, DL 60, DT 500, and DS 500 distance measurement sensors augment the company's existing line. Low-cost alternative is said to handle a variety of material handling, logistics, and general manufacturing applications, including dimensioning on a conveyor, continuous detection of the

diameter of paper or steel coils, automating small parts detection in a warehouse, and anti-collision control for high-speed gantries or cranes. All feature quick setup time and high accuracy and repeatability. www.sick.com Sick Inc.

Programmable outputs

IWRM 12Z8704/S14C analog inductive proximity sensor features independently programmable digital and analog outputs. Self-contained unit delivers highly precise non-contact proximity, position, and distance sensing for metal objects and can identify two metal substrates in the same application. Sensor features digital output with two selectable trigger points and may be used for sorting metal objects, concentricity or shape sensing, assessing wear measurement and circularity, and thickness measurement. IP67- approved device has an operating range of 0-4 mm, and a resolution of 0.005 mm with a deviation of 0.05 V for consistent output. www.baumerelectric.com/usa Baumer Electric

Inductive sensor has multiple features

iProx programmable inductive proximity sensor includes a programmable sensing range, built-in band sensing, output delays, and speed detection. It features a stainless steel barrel and a moisture-sealing, vibration-absorbing potting compound, and an extremely bright, 360-degree LED indicator. Auto-Configure technology lets it automatically detect whether it has been wired for NPN or PNP. Extended range is reportedly up to three times that of typical inductive sensors and inherent high noise immunity can be program