Presence Detection Crosses Industry Borders
技术分类:机器与离散传感器 作者:Dick Johnson 发表时间:2005-12-05
LED operation indicators ease installation and maintenance. Omron Electronics LLC

Miniature sensors

Miniature magnetic cylinder sensors incorporate giant magnetoresistive (GMR) technology to provide extremely high sensitivity to magnetic fields in pneumatic cylinder applications. DC devices fit C-slot and T-slot cylinders, come in a variety of cabled and pigtail models, and offer top-loading mounting that eliminates the need to remove cylinder end caps. Integrated friction tab p

revents sensor from sliding, even in vertically positioned cylinders. GMR technology is said to give sensors high accuracy, fast response times, and immunity from long-term effects of magnetic fields. They are polarity independent and provide reliable piston-position detection regardless of magnet orientation. w.ifmefector.comifm efector

Rugged, inductive sensors

Pile Driver family of inductive sensors is fully flush mountable and said to be the most compact, all-metal devices available. Rugged 8-mm dia units are tested to provide a life span 20 times that of conventional plastic-faced sensors. They come standard with 100% stainless steel housings and are available with weld-spatter resistant coating and a variety of cable options for long life in harsh environments. Repeatability is better than 0.01 mm, hysteresis is 5%, and operating temperatures range from -14 to 158 8C. Sensors are intended for harsh, space-restricted applications with such hazards as lubricants, cutting fluids, metal shards, and target impacts. Pepperl+Fuchs

Small-diameter sensors

Inductive sensor combo with, says the manufacturer, the world's smallest diameter—3 mm—comes in shielded and unshielded versions. Sensors use an integrated flush fitting in place of a standard connector, making each package 3-mm wide for the entire length of the device. Unshielded version has a 3-mm ferrous metal sensing distance; shielded version has a 1-mm distance. Applications include e