Understanding Temperature and Transmitters
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ent of temperature: ANSI (USA), DIN (Germany), JIS (Japan), BS (UK).

From the temperature scale comparison in the graphic, the following relations between scales can be deducted:

(A formula here)

Great progress in the evolution of temperature measurement has concurrently advanced the accuracy, reliability, and repeatability of temperature transmitters used in the automation and process control industry. This, in conjunction with the advancement and availability of diverse temperature sensors, h

as contributed to continuous improvement of controlled processes and final product quality.

Intelligent transmitters

An intelligent temperature transmitter is defined as a transmitter that combines the technology of the temperature sensor with additional electronics. Generally these electronics allow for remote monitoring and configuration of the transmitter parameters. Looking at the market, three distinct lines of intelligent temperature transmitters have emerged. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages based upon application and cost.

Explosion-proof and weather-proof transmitters. This type of transmitter is normally used in critical applications with high-performance requirements. The transmitter is enclosed in a sealed, explosion-proof compartment. This enclosure is generally made of stainless steel, but can be any approved explosion-proof material. The enclosure generally contains two compartments, separating the electronics and sensor. Primary advantages of this transmitter type are high accuracy, robust safety precautions, reliability, and weatherproofing. The primary disadvantage is cost. This type of transmitter generally also includes a local indicator with local adjustment. This allows the temperature to be monitored, and the transmitter adjusted in the field.

DIN rail, panel-mount transmitters. This type of transmitter can be mounted to a DIN rail and is generally used for centralized control room installations. Panel-mount transmitters are low cost, allo